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*Watch Live Video Feed When
I'm Out Chasing
- KWCH has an interactive map on their website where
you can see my location when chasing and pull up my
live streaming video feed. When you move your mouse
location icon on the map it will bring up a new window
where you can watch live streaming video of us in the
field storm chasing. Typically I'll be streaming my dash
camera view, but occasionally I'll turn on picture in
picture and show the inside view of the car as well.
Watching tornadoes and storms unfold on the
streaming video is awesome. I do it all the time if I'm
not chasing (usually I am). There are a lot of other
chasers that show up on the map, not just KWCH
chasers, so the odds are there will always be live
streaming video available for any storm you want to
see across the plains. With tornado warned storms
you should be able to see dozens of different feeds so
you can see the storm/tornado from any angle. It is
awesome. Here is the link to the map page on KWCH
chaser map.
Follow my forecasts and
updates during storm
season on my blog. I
usually post daily when
there is something worth
talking about. Usually I post
tornado forecasts, but as
hurricane season ramps up
I follow that too. Here is the


Watch my video from each chase this season.
I try to get my video uploaded as soon as I
get done chasing so there is very little lag
between when the event occurred and when I
get it uploaded. I typically link the video on my
blog, but if you don't follow that and want to
see the video here is a link to
Loaded Gun
Chasing's channel on youtube
April 14, 2012 Tornado Outbreak
Major tornado outbreak in Kansas. Central and
south central Kansas got raked by several
tornadic supercells. Wichita was hit by an EF3
tornado after dark. We were on several
different tornadic supercells that day. We saw
several funnels and also witnessed the Hesston
to Goessel tornado (just north of Wichita). We
intercepted the tornadic supercell that hit
Wichita in Hayesville, which is right where the
tornado initially touched down. We followed the
storm through Wichita and up to Eldorado.
Below is a link to my video from the Hesston,
KS tornado.
Hesston, Kansas tornado video
Rare Anticyclonic tornado
April 9, 2012 Woodward, Oklahoma tornadic
supercell. I happened to be in the right place at the
right time to get good video of an anticyclonic
tornado (spins the wrong way). It's very
uncommon in the northern hemisphere, with only
about 1 in 1000 tornadoes being anticyclonic. The
Weather Channel did a break down of my video
with Greg Forbes to show how it was spinning in
the wrong direction. That was a nice bonus to the
chase. It's always nice to get some recognition for
your work. Below is the link to my video on
youtube from that storm chase.
Woodward, Oklahoma and anticyclonic
tornado video
El Reno Tornado
My Youtube Video from El Reno

On May 31, 2013 The El Reno, Oklahoma tornado
was classified as an EF5 with a maximum width of
2.6 miles wide, making it the new record for largest
tornado ever recorded. Doppler radar trucks on the
storm measured wind speeds up to 296mph inside
this tornado. That alone would make this a historic
event, but this tornado will probably be
remembered more for it's erratic behavior and the
storm chasers and locals that were hit in their cars
by this tornado than anything else. Tim Samaras,
Paul Samaras and Carl Young (all experienced and
accomplished storm chasers) were killed when they
got caught in the path of this tornado. This
extraordinary tornado ended up killing 8 people
and injuring many more. Additionally, at least a
dozen experienced/professional storm chasers had
very close calls or were hit by the tornado, myself
Rapid and erratic changes in direction and speed of
the tornado, while simultaneously growing in size
from a quarter mile wide to 2.6 miles wide was a
recipe for disaster. Tim Samaras was one of the
safest and most experienced chasers out there and
was about the last chaser you would have ever
guessed this would happen to. I had gone 10 years
and seen around 100 tornadoes without getting
hit, but that changed with El Reno. We lost 6
windows and had the right side of my car sand
blasted with rocks and debris near 15th and
Reformatory when the tornado clipped us after
making a hard right turn and accelerating as it
rapidly grew in size. It was the most terrifying
experience of my life by a long shot.
I am working on a El Reno page for my site that
has everything from my blog posts that day, to
video, to case studies and NWS maps on the
event. I should have it done around May 1, so
check back if you're interested.
The above picture is me with a 3rd grade class
at OK Elementary School earlier this spring. I
went and talked to a few classes of kids about
storm chasing. It was a lot of fun. I have talked
to adults in the past, but this was actually my
first time doing a speaking engagement for
kids. I think I like talking to kids better than
adults lol. They were good kids and I enjoyed
talking with them. 4/22/14