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4/22/06 Beatrice, Nebraska
Loaded Gun Chasing
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It's tough to remember what the setup was like on these past chase reports I'm posting since they
happened several years ago, but I do remember dewpoints and LCL's were a major concern leading
into this chase day. I also remember that this was pretty much the storm of the day, so I was really
happy with the end results.

Anyway, I remember that I targeted Beatrice, which was out ahead of where storms were going to
fire. I remember I was wanting to stay well out ahead of the storms to see how they came off the
dryline because I wanted to get on the tail end storm. Things worked out perfectly, at least if I
remember correctly. I think there were two or three cells that came off of the dryline and I got on
the tail-end storm.

Below are some video grabs taken from right before I moved in under the updraft base. I am looking
Below are some video grabs taken from right before I moved in under the updraft base. I am looking
West in the pictures.West in the pictures.
Beatrice, Nebraska
Tornadic Supercell
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I jumped on a side road and started heading West to get under the updraft base. As I approached,
the lowering became an ominous wall cloud. This wall cloud looked very similiar to the Kent County
Texas "tornado machine"  right before it produced the red dirt filled wedge. Below are a couple
pictures of the wall cloud as I closed in on the storm. I am still looking West in these pictures.
I don't have any video of what happened next. I basically got right in front of the wall cloud and
turned back to the North. When I turned to the North, the wall cloud was straight West of me about
a quarter mile and moving northeast. I was about halfway between the road I turned North on and
the next road that cut back to the East (they were square mile grid roads) when a dust plume kicked
up straight West of me about a quarter mile. It looked like a RFD because it was kind of kicking dust
up in a straight line. There was rapid vertical motion and rotation right above where the dust was
getting kicked up though, so I wasn't quite sure. I was directly under the wall cloud at the time, so I
couldn't get a good look at the overall updraft base (plus I was driving and video taping). Here are a
couple pictures looking West out of my car window at the dust plume while I was driving North.
quick, so I dropped the camera and floored it in hopes of beating the dust plume to the
intersection where I could turn back to the East. I barely beat it there (by less than a hundred
yards) and hauled ass East to get away from whatever it was. As soon as I turned East, I turned
the camera back on and shot some video of the rapidly growing dust plume behind me as I drove.
As I looked back I noticed that what had appeared to be straight line winds kicking up dust was
now rotating. After looking up at the rotation in the updraft base it quickly became apparent that
this was a developing tornado and not an RFD dust plume.  Below are those video grabs looking
back to the West as I drove East. The picture on the left is looking out my back window, the one
on the right was taken hanging the camera out the drivers window.on the right was taken hanging
the camera out the drivers window.
The water droplets on the lens are a continuing theme throughout this chase. Every time I
get good video I find a way to screw it up. The water droplets threw off the focus pretty
much this whole chase. I would have wanted to kill myself over it, but believe it or not this
screw up pales in comparison to some of my other ones, which were monumental by
anybody's standards. Go to my
About Me page to read about them. It's worth your time
and it will make you feel better about yourself.

Below is another picture looking back at the ground circulation after it had tightened up and
became apparent that it was a developing tornado. At this time there was a lowering in the
updraft that was rotating, but no well defined funnel. Regardless of whether or not there is
a visible condensation funnel, it is still considerded a tornado at this point,