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Storm Chasing Tours
Loaded Gun Chasing
website of storm chaser Mikey Gribble
wall cloud on a tornadic supercell
in the Texas panhandle
The doppler on wheels and the
tornado intercept vehicle with
a mesocyclone in the background
(from a South Dakota chase)
A tornado in Harper, County Kansas
tornado shredding trees
tornado just touching down in Garfield
County Oklahoma
tornado in Oklahoma
skinny rope tornado in Kansas
this wedge tornado went on to be the
largest tornado ever recorded. It was
a  2.5 mile wide F4 that hit the town of
Hallam, Nebraska. This is a picture
taken right after it touched down
beautiful rope tornado in Kansas
This is for the old beta test chase tours, but I will leave it up
because the link will lead to the same pricing page and
reservation page for the new tours.
For pricing and more detailed information on some of our
packages visit the
Pricing Page. You can also email me and I will
send out a brochure with additional information.

If you have a unique situation and would like to talk about
booking a tour email me and I will get right back to you.

Thanks for considering Loaded Gun Chasing
Important Changes
for the 2010 Storm Chasing Season
Very Important, Read Below
It has been a long time since I updated the site, but I will be
working on it daily from now through at least the next couple
months. I plan on updating chase reports, changing pages and
most importantly making changes to the style of chase tours we
will be doing. Email me at for
information on the chase tours we will be doing. It is a different
more economical option than the other tours out there and we
will continue to maintain our guarantee of showing you a tornado.
It is really the best thing going. The storm chasing tour industry
is young and free market principles haven't taken over to
promote efficiency yet. The current business model is incredibly
expensive and inefficient. We are the first reputable chase group
taking the next step in evolving the storm chasing tour business.
The details aren't worked out, but contact me for information and
references if you need them. Thanks, Mikey Gribble