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Loaded Gun Chasing
website of storm chaser Mikey Gribble
Please read this very carefully and put some thought into it before deciding whether or not this is
something you want to do. Storm chasing can be extremely dangerous. There are numerous ways
that you could get hurt or even killed. Lightning, tornadoes and hail are obvious threats, but car
accidents are a huge concern as well. There are hundreds of storm chasers across the plains and you
may see several hundred people on the storm you're on. You have 200 people speeding and not
paying any attention to the road. Add to that cars parked on the side of the road everywhere and
muddy roads and you have a recipe for disaster. Every season I have one or two close calls with car
accidents. This is a very real threat and you need to be prepared to take these risks. I'll be totally
honest and tell you that we will go over the speed limit at times. Depending on the circumstances we
may go quite a ways over the speed limit. A lot of other chasers frown on this for good reason, but
they are measured risks and I think it's appropriate in some situations. My goal is to see tornadoes up
close and if I have to break the speed limit to catch up to one I will do it as long as I feel that the risks
aren't too great. I don't have a death wish or anything. Like I said these are all measured risks. I just
want to make sure you totally understand what you are getting in to. These are the most powerful
storms on earth. A lot of people love weather and enjoy watching storms come through, but you need
to understand that the storms we'll see out there are not anything like the regular severe storms most
of you have seen before. We will get close to the updraft base(business end of the storm) and
tornadoes when possible. Standing directly under a tornadic supercell is very intimidating and even
some experienced chasers get nervous and want to leave. I have had several people literally have a
mental breakdown when we got in close on a violent storm. We will have a van full of people out there
this season so I can't turn around and leave just because one person isn't comfortable. Seriously think
about your ability to manage your own fear in a situation like this before considering doing it. I can't
emphasize enough that this isn't something that should be taken lightly. It's deadly serious. These
storms kill people every year. I will do my best to keep you safe and I have a great deal of confidence
in my experience and abilities, but anything could happen. There is a notable chance that you could  be
hurt or killed. If you are sure you're willing to accept that, then your more than welcome to come. I can
promise you it's something you'll never forget.

You will have to sign a waiver acknowledging that you are aware of the risks involved and you forfeit
any right to legal retaliation against me, my employees and my business. This covers any and all risks
involved with storm chasing that may be caused my negligence, violating traffic laws and any other
possible causes of bodily harm or death. The contract and waiver will cover this thoroughly and will be
handed out at the introduction/orientation class. You can still get a full refund at the orientation if you
feel uncomfortable with the risks involved or decide you don't want to go for any other reason.
Read Carefully