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June 7, 2005 Storm Report
Loaded Gun Storm Chasing
website of storm chaser Mikey Gribble
South Dakota Tornadic Supercell
This was a great chase. The storm only put down one tornado, but I remember the incredible scenery
more than anything else. This was my first time chasing in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It isn't that
great of chasing territory because the road networks kind of suck and there are huge Indian reservations
everywhere that you have to go around, but the beautiful country more than makes up for it.

I got on the storm about 30 minutes after it showed up on radar. It slowly built a wall cloud down to the
ground and dropped a rope tornado that lasted about five minutes. The storm tried to tornado several
more times, but it never managed to get it done. The storm then took on incredible structure. It is hard
to tell from the pictures, but there were small eddies that were embedded in the updraft base around the
perimeter of the mesocyclone. It was a beautiful storm.

I stayed at a hotel in central South Dakota after the chase. I had to get up early the next morning to
haul ass back to Kansas for another chase day.
This was the view of the updraft base
and RFD from the West as the storm
struggled to tornado
DOW and TIV with mesocyclone in the
Beautiful storm structure with small
eddies embedded within the edge of
the mesocyclone
Updraft and RFD notch in the Black Hills
I am not good with Photoshop, so I just drug these
pictures together. It may not look really good, but it
conveys the point of how beautiful the structure was
with this storm.