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3/12/06 Sedalia, Missouri
Loaded Gun Chasing
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Sedalia, Missouri
Tornadic Supercell

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I will always remember this storm, but unfortunately it is for the wrong reason. A woman was killed by
the storm I was on by Sedalia, Missouri when her home was hit by a tornado. It is a sad reality of
these storms. This was not the only victim in this early season tornado outbreak. In all 4 people were
killed and another 89 were injured.

I started off the day out near the eastern Kansas border. Early in the season the jet stream is
stronger which translates into faster storm motions, so I set up way ahead of where storms would
form to make sure I didn't fall behind. The key to fast storm motion days is to stay ahead of the storm
while it matures and then get on it once it goes tornadic. This can be very tough to do and a lot of
chasers missed out on the tornadoes on this day because they fell behind the storm.

We got on the storm just East of the Kansas-Missouri border. I don't remember exact locations on
the tornadoes from this day. As we passed through a town a nice wall cloud began to develop. Below
are a couple pictures of this wall cloud. We are just West of the updraft base so I am looking East in
the picture.
Not long after this the storm produced its first tornado. The tornado wasn't very impressive and due
to the extremely fast storm motions I never had the opportunity to move in close to it. It was a skinny
rope tornado that only had a condensation funnel halfway to the ground with a dust swirl at the
surface. Below are a couple pictures of this first tornado.
I apologize for the lack of detail in this report, but I really don't remember much from this chase and I
didn't shoot much video. After this first tornado the storm cycled through and produced a second
tornado. I personally couldn't confirm that there was circulation at the ground with this next tornado,
but it was on the storm reports so somebody saw it touch down. The condensation funnel was more
than halfway down to the ground so I'm not surprised at all that it did touch down. Below are a few
pictures of the second tornado of the day. You can tell we were already starting to fall behind the
storm because we are looking northeast in these pictures as the storm pulled away from us.
The last picture above is some damage to houses caused by one of the tornadoes. I came across the
damage path of the tornado after I had called it a day and started heading home. I will always
remember this storm because of the damage it caused and the lives it took. The tornadoes weren't
even strong. It goes to show you how dangerous even weak tornadoes can be. My heart goes out to
the families whose lives were affected by the storms on March 12, 2006.
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