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Pricing and Details
Loaded Gun Chasing
website of storm chaser Mikey Gribble
Standard Package - you will ride in our van/SUV and you are
eligible to come on as many chases as you want until you get a
tornado. Cost is $500 per person.
-$250 deposit is required to reserve your place
-additional $250 due after orientation course which will be
scheduled at your convenience

Drive Yourself - this is if you choose to drive your own vehicle and
follow along with us. You will be given a two way radio to stay in
contact with the van/SUV. Cost is $300 for a car and one person
with an additional cost of $100 for each additional person. As with
the standard package you are eligible to come on as many chases
as you want until you get to see a tornado.
- 50% deposit is required to reserve your place with the remaining
50% due after the orientation course

Specialty Packages - For those of you that don't live in and around
the Wichita area and aren't looking for the regular week long chase
tours that other companies offer, we can try to work something
out that fits your situation. Prices on this will obviously vary and
will be handled on a case by case basis. This is a great way for you
to get out on a professional storm chasing tour when you don't
live close by and don't want to spend 3k and a weeks vacation on
a huge gamble with the regular chase tours other companies offer.
Call me at 316-833-4218 or email me at if you are interested in anything like
this and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.
Included in Every Tour
-Introduction packet and orientation course
-As many chase tours as you want to go on until we see a tornado (this may not apply to all of the
special circumstance chases as listed below)
-A DVD of the final chase (when we get tornadoes)
How it Works
Forecast emails will be sent out regularly where I will give you as much information as I can about
upcoming chase opportunities. I will try my best to judge the potential for the day, the location of
our target, the departure time and other information that will be helpful to you in making a decision
whether or not you want to participate in that particular chase. For example if there was a
synoptically evident tornado outbreak coming I may send an email several days out saying...
significant tornado outbreak likely with strong long track tornadoes possible. Preliminary target is
Ardmore, Oklahoma and departure time is 9am. I will also send a map with the email highlighting the
threat area to give you a better idea of where we'll be chasing.

Standard Package Customers - the van we have will hold 12 people, but we will take the SUV's out
instead if at all possible. There aren't a whole lot of paved roads on the plains and being restricted to
paved roads (which you pretty much are with the vans) seriously limits your ability to both get close
to the storm and to keep up with it. We will take one SUV if there are three people or less and if we
have more we will take an additional luxury SUV that holds 7 people.

Drive Your Own Car - we will allow up to two cars (maybe more on a big day) to come along on any
given chase.

* We have a strict limit on how many customers we're accepting. I won't over book for the specific
reason that I don't want anybody to miss out on a chase they want to participate in. My number one
priority is for you to walk away happy. This is my first year running tours professionally, although
I've been chasing for eight years, taking people out for six and have owned the company for three
years (where we specialized in video sales and working with the media on a variety of things). I am
largely depending on return customers and word of mouth for this to be successful in the future. I
will do everything possible to make sure you have a great experience on your chase tour.

Ready to Book Your Chase Tour
If you are ready to book your storm chasing tour then head on over to the Book a Tour page. Our
system will take credit or debit cards, but if you choose to pay by check instead then there are
instruction on that as well at the bottom of the
Book a Tour page.
Remember to book your tour fast. The deposit is refundable all the way up until after you sign the
contract at the orientation course. If you change your mind you can always back out, but the earlier
you book the closer to the front of the list you'll be and I am fairly certain we are going to fill up
quickly this year as there is only a limited number of customers we can handle in a chase season.

Thanks for considering Loaded Gun Chasing
contact me at mikey@loadedgunchasing or by phone at 316-833-4218 if you have any questions or
need additional information
Customer Service
You should be able to find most information about what we do on this website, but if you have any
questions don't hesitate to call or email me personally. You can go to the contact me page or you can
email me at or you can call our business line at 316-833-4218 get a
hold of me that way.
This is a rough map of the area we will chase in. You have to go to
where the storms are and some times they aren't real close. The
road trips are fun though and the anticipation is exhilarating. This is
a very serious storm chasing operation. We have tens of thousands
of dollars in equipment and we do what it takes to get tornadoes. In
your intro packet you will be given this map with drive times marked
on there so you will have that to assist you in deciding if you want to
go on a chase or not.
Tour Coverage Map
Book Tour Now
To book a tour click on the
Book a Tour tab on the
navigation bar at the top of
the page. You only have to
pay your deposit now. The
remaining balance isn't due
until after the orientation
course when the contracts
are signed. Deposits will be
refunded for any reason
before contracts are signed
at orientation, but after
that there will be no refunds
on deposits.