No chasing for Mikey today. There is a tornado watch out for western Kansas right now, but so far it’s not looking too promising. I did glance over the setup this morning and made the call that I wasn’t going around lunch time. Reason being I didn’t think it looked that good for tornadoes and also because when I went to leave for work this morning my car battery was dead. I had a friend come give me a jump, but I figured I better go get my battery swapped out this afternoon. That lead to me getting new brighter headlight bulbs put in while I was there too. I’ve been night chasing a lot more the last few years and the stock headlights on my car sucked.

I’m not even going to get into today’s setup since it’s already under way and not that good IMO. We do have a chance for severe weather in Kansas again tomorrow, but I haven’t looked at the setup yet. I’ll take a look at the models tonight and try to get something posted. Unless it looks absolutely worthless I’ll probably chase just to get out and play with some new equipment. There may be some better tornado opportunities coming up around Thursday-Friday of next week. The GFS has been showing a lower amplitude wave coming through the southern plains Thursday and then into more of the Dixie Alley area on Friday. Still a long ways out so I’ll hold off a day or two before talking details on that, but it’s definitely something to keep an eye on and I do plan on chasing Dixie Alley this year on outbreak type days.

I will get a forecast posted either later tonight or tomorrow morning when I get up so check back if you’re interested.

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