Just glanced at radar and morning convection is a little farther south which should reinforce the frontal boundary and shove it into the vicinity of the Red River for this afternoon. Just an¬†absolutely terrible corridor for trying to chase an eastward moving storm. HRRR breaks out storms along the triple point and front this afternoon, with a couple lead cells tracking through far SW Oklahoma. I’d probably start off in Altus, OK. That would put you plenty far downstream from where storms develop so you can move in on one of the more dominant storms as things become more clear on visible satellite later this afternoon. I’m torn on whether or not to chase. I hate warm front storms and the Red River sucks big time for chasing. We have tornado chances for the next three days so I hate to blow a chase day at the start of it on a setup that actually has a ridge over our heads. I’m leaning towards holding off to keep my options open for tomorrow in case I want to chase then. I’ll definitely be chasing Friday since it’s closer to home. I just don’t want to blow a vacation day for a nasty warm front storm along the Red River. The idea of me running into shitty road networks and getting pounded by hail sounds really bad on the first of a three day tornado setup lol. I’ll make the final call within a couple hours.

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