I’m going to wait to see the 00Z NAM run before posting my forecast for tomorrow. The NAM continues to want to put a big bullseye on west central Oklahoma, with pretty impressive paramaters continuing into south central Kansas. I want to see if that trend holds. If it does and in the morning it looks like it’s going to play out as forecast I am going to be extremely torn between chasing west central Oklahoma where I think the greatest tornado threat is and staying in south central Kansas where the tornado threat may not be quite as good, but I can help KWCH with coverage if things get nasty. I always hate making that type of decision. Historically I’ve stayed in south central Kansas when I’ve been confronted with situations like this and historically I’ve been burned a lot by it lol. I remember one where I missed a EF4 or 5, can’t remember which it was just west of OKC several years back because I wanted to stay close to Wichita to help with coverage. I knew damn well the best potential was west of OKC that day but I stayed in Kansas because if Wichita is ever under a serious tornado threat I want to make sure I’m close enough to get there and help with coverage. I just know I’m looking at that same choice tomorrow and I’m not looking forward to it. Anyway, give me a chance to process the 00Z NAM and then I will get an updated map and forecast posted. No major changes to the going forecast at this time.

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