im not chasing today and didn’t get home till late last night so no forecast for today. I didn’t think the tornado potential looked as good as yesterday and I have a lot to do at work so I’ll sit this one out. I will try to get an extended forecast up later tonight though. Saw 3 tornadoes yesterday. I probably won’t get into looking over video until this weekend but when I do I’ll try to post a few clips. I got pretty close to one decent tornado but I had to get out of the way right after it touched down to avoid getting boxed in so I’ll have to pull video from my gopro and dashcam for that one. Only got about 20 seconds worth of video on my main camera from that one. I regret bitching out and moving on that one. I sacrificed good video by doing that (unnecessarily in hindsight), but I would have been extremely vulnerable to getting shit hammered by hail and a tornado if I didn’t so it was probably the safe move. I noticed Sullivan has played it safe a few times and regretted it later too this year. I swear it’s still the affect of damn near getting killed in El Reno. Takes a while to shake that off completely and get back to normal. Anyway I’ll elaborate on that and how to properly navigate an HP storm in the next day or two also.

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