Forecast Update

Welp, not a whole lot to say. Things have been very slow as of late, but it may pick up a little bit later this week. I didn’t look at Thursday’s setup much, which SPC has now highlighted in the extended outlook. Too far north and not good enough to justify the drive for me. I am a little more interested in Friday though. Not much confidence in the models at the moment given the low amplitude nature of the disturbances and the fact that the GFS has been progressively backing off the amplitude and strength of troughs as we get closer for two weeks now. Still decent shear profiles and thermodynamics are a possibility in the northern plains on Friday so I’ll keep an eye on it and if it still looks decent I’ll get into details. Sunday looks interesting with the GFS too along a stationary front that kind of ┬átransitions into more of a warm front. Nontraditional setup, but backing surface winds and good instability could be enough to get the job done. Really good directional shear too so we may get some decent structure. I’ll keep an eye on that one too and again I’ll get into some details tomorrow if it still looks good. Watching hockey right now and am going to re-watch Game of Thrones after that so no forecasting for Mikey tonight.

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