looks like it’s game on for chasing today. I left town 30 minutes ago and am heading north for east central Nebraska. A cold front will be the initiating boundary today which traditionally isn’t good for tornado potential, but today’s setup has unusually good directional shear along the boundary and shear vectors somewhat normal to the boundary which should help to keep storms discrete early on before storms fill in and go linear. This window where storms are semi-discrete could pose a seasonably significant hail/tornado threat. Given the good instability, low LCL heights and good curvature with hodographs ahead of the CF, I’ll bite. It can’t be any worse than the 1200 mile ass kicking I took in Illinois several weeks back lol. I am driving so I can’t get into much detail now, but my plan is to target kind of the arc in the CF area in east central Nebraska along the southern edge of the stronger mid level flow/jet. CAM guidance and where more of a broken line or discrete convective mode may persist will influence where exactly I target too. I have a solid 3 hours of driving left so I’ll sort out the forecast details on my way. Good luck if you’re out and I’ll try to get my target posted as I get it pinned down.

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