saturdaySitting in York, Nebraska right now with the wind shift/trough/cold front basically right over me. A tornado watch should be issued soon as detailed in the latest mesoscale discussion. I’m going to scoot east here in a second. Winds are shifting to the SW behind the boundary and it’s showing up on radar now. The cu field is pretty packed in and it’s starting to congest pretty good just to my north. That syncs up pretty well with the latest run of the HRRR which wants to fire off a broken line with sort of a tail end near Omaha before storms backbuild farther SW. I am going to scoot east over towards Omaha now and setup some place with good North-South highway options. Also of note is a pocket of drier air/lower dewpoints creeping up through SW Nebraska. You have a pocket of dewpoints closer to 70 near and either side of Omaha, so I’m going to plan on targeting right out ahead of where the cu is tightening up and dewpoints are higher, kind of in the middle portion of where I put that red box on the map. I may tweak my location a bit as the day evolves since a lot depends on when storms fire and where storms are discrete later today when paramaters improve. I’ll update if I can, but for now I’m creeping east towards Omaha and getting ahead of where I expect storms to fire.

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