Chance for Tornadoes Today

I just got out of town at noon and am heading towards Liberal, KS. I’d like to target the eastern Texas panhandle today, but I had to be at work this morning so my options were limited. If I could have gotten out of town earlier my target would be Clarendon, TX. I think they’ll get a couple decent tornadoes in the east Texas panhandle into far western Oklahoma this evening. Tornado chances are a little lower up in Kansas, but with strong deep layer shear, weak but workable CAPE and very strong low level shear I think there is a solid chance for a few tornado reports. I’m driving right now so I can’t get into too much detail. Storms are already firing in the western panhandle a bit ahead of what CAM guidance would have suggested. I was worried about that and wanted to be out of town around 9am, but that wasn’t happening. Regardless the tornado potential should ramp up through the afternoon and persist for a period after dark, especially with any tail end or discrete storms. I will fire up my stream when I get on a storm and try to post the link when I do. Tornado watch should be issued shortly btw for SW Kansas and the TX panhandle.

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