Sorry I didn’t get a post up after I left work. I got out of there a little late and didn’t have time to do much other than load my equipment and take Duck for a walk before I bailed. That was a pretty worthless chase lol. Storms fired too early and being clustered in really screwed things up. We needed discrete storms later in the day when low level shear was forecast to improve. With storms going early they were working over our warm sector before shear profiles were even supportive of tornadoes. The shear profiles were junk early too with low level winds veering badly. Some of the left movers off the early storms were actually the more dominant storm. I ran out for a bit and knew I had to get south of all the crap closer to the Oklahoma border for any tornado chance. Based off visible satellite I figured the storms were a lot more likely to be discrete/have undisturbed inflow later in the day down there. I stopped to go over data and decided to put my car into 4 wheel drive just to test it out (never used it before on my new car) and something is wrong with it. It would make this awful grinding sound and I couldn’t get it back out of 4 wheel drive. I was a little pissed off lol. I have to take it into the Toyota dealer to get it looked at soon before we get another chase opportunity. Anyway, I didn’t want to go too much farther from home after that little issue so I got on a tail end storm by Moline. It had halfway decent structure for a short period, but that was about the extent of it for me. I saw plenty of storms, but they were worthless.

I’m home in time to take Duck for a run and go work out, so I’m going to go do that real quick. I’ll get an extended forecast up either later tonight or tomorrow so check back then if you’re interested.

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  1. Samuel Stone says:

    Thanks for all the updates Mikey I always check your blog and you always have great content so im glad you haven’t abandoned it like many people do. I was on the Burden to Moline Storm as well. I intercepted at burden and followed till moline where it got elongated and appeared outflow dominant. Looked promising when it was around cambridge but that was it. I only saw a few chasers so I figured I might have seen you? I was in the silver ford Ranger 2003.

  2. Administrator says:

    Thanks Samuel, I appreciate that. I get a little lazy with the blog, but I try to update regularly at least for the bigger tornado setups. I don’t remember seeing a silver Ranger. About the only chaser I remember seeing was in an Xterra. I think that was by Howard. I don’t have my roof camera up yet so my 4 runner is somewhat low profile as far as chase vehicles go (at least from the outside, inside it’s pretty excessive lol). Yeah though storms really weren’t any good, but I needed the drive to do some more troubleshooting with my new equipment setups. I want to work all the bugs out and get comfortable driving my new car before shit gets real with an outbreak type setup.

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