Forecast Update

Sunday Day 2 MapAbove is an updated forecast map for Sunday. Really not many changes to the going forecast, so look back to earlier posts for more detail. I did  extend the best threat area for tornadoes a little farther north, but otherwise everything looks the same. I’m almost to Kansas City and doing this on the road so going to keep it short.

I’m a little torn on where I want to target tomorrow, but I’ll sort it out in the morning. I’m thinking either Pratt or Salina for a starting point and obviously chasing downstream from there. I think there are a few advantages and disadvantages to each target which I’ll elaborate on in the morning when I have a little more time. I still think we will see a couple tornadic supercells with a few lower end tornadoes tomorrow.

Tuesday still looks on track for a severe weather/tornado outbreak. My previous forecast map is still valid on that, so again look to earlier posts for more detail. No reason to say the same things over again and I hate typing on the road. I’m real tornado on where to target for Tuesday as well. I think the triple point and playing along the warm front are the most sure thing for tornado reports Tuesday, but I also think it will be tougher chasing up there relative to a nice discrete dryline storm. I also have a really hard time playing that far north because I would be out of range on any storm coming towards Wichita. So as of now I’m leaning towards a dryline play for Tuesday, but the triple point and warm front are tempting so we’ll see.

Anyway, sorry for not getting into any sort of forecast detail. I was doing some troubleshooting with my equipment on the drive up to KC rather than forecasting or making a blog post. I had trouble with our file sharing software when I chased last week, so I got that sorted out and made sure it’s working properly. I’ll either get an update posted later tonight or first thing tomorrow morning so check back then if you’re interested.

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