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Day 1 SundaySorry for the delayed post. I didn’t get to bed until 3am last night after driving back from KC so I slept in until like 10am this morning and have been running around ever since trying to get ready for chasing today. I literally just now started looking at data, so I’ll update from the car with more detail here in the next hour or so (I’m riding shotgun today so I have more time to forecast and make posts than usual).

I still like the southern half of Kansas into far northern Oklahoma today for the best tornado potential, largely because of how convective evolution is expected to unfold and this corridor seems to have the best potential for more discrete supercells late in the day when paramaters become more favorable for tornadoes. My feelings on the setup are the same as they’ve been for days now, so just look back to previous posts if you want more detail. I need to look at a little more data, but my current thinking is I will maybe cheat up towards Newton and stay along the I35 corridor out ahead of the dryline until I can either tell by visible satellite or radar kind of how storms are coming off. Any tail end storm that will maintain a good distance between it and the storm to its south should be a good play across the area I boxed in red. I’m looking at playing the central portions of the area I boxed in red.

Anyway, as soon as I get on the road and look at data I’ll update with more detail on how I think things are unfolding. I need to throw the last few things in the car real quick and fire up the equipment so gotta go.

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