The morning NAM is not nearly as good with low level winds over northern Oklahoma and south central Kansas. The dryline is a little farther east than expected. Also┬ásouth of the developing dryline bulge is the boundary is oriented more NE to SW which seems to be responsible for the veering low level winds. The morning NAM still has wind shear ramping up, but not to the extent it did in previous runs over south central Kansas. COD is acting up too which is giving me hell with forecasting and checking data. COD is my go to site so it’s a real pain in the butt. It started working again recently so hopefully it’s not an issue the rest of the day. Latest run of the HRRR I saw had a good triple point area storm and a decent storm coming off the dryline in northern Oklahoma which tracks into south central Kansas. I am torn on what to do, so I’m kind of hedging my bets for the moment cheating north. I’m thinking about hanging out by Salina to see how storms start to develop up there and then cutting back south if I think the potential is looking up down there. IDK, it’s a work in progress lol.

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