I am on the road now. Just went through Greensburg and am headed towards the Stratford, TX area. If you believe the HRRR, then it’s leaving very little doubt about where to go today. It has been extremely consistent in putting off a supercell or two just west of the far western OK panhandle in CO/NM. These storms track east/southeast through the afternoon will new development off it’s south side. The HRRR has also shown the tail end storm putting off impressive UH swaths. My plan was to split the difference between the dryline near I40 and the triple point last night until things became more clear. If the HRRR stays consistent over the next couple runs and satellite seems to back it up then I’m committed to starting near Stratford. I still think it’s a lower end tornado threat and I do think we’ll see some tornado reports today despite it being a mediocre setup. I’d really like to see better low level shear earlier in the day. It’s May though and things have a way of coming together this time of year. If it’s May, you chase. I’ve gotten burned on that twice this year and I’m not going to let it happen again today. I’ll update again here in the next hour or two.

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