Just stopped in Laverne, OK. Headed south I think towards the Wheeler, TX area. I’m a little intrigued by the NE panhandle into southern Kansas later today, but I think we may get a more dominant dryline storm closer to I40 and after getting burned yesterday up north I’m inclined to play it farther south today. I’m still fine tuning the forecast though and as cu starts to show up on satellite I should get a better idea of where storms will fire and what environment they’ll have to work with. The better moisture plume is coming up on I40, so my thinking is it will be in a good environment with a broad healthy warm sector to work with later today. Got hit the road again, but I’ll update when I can. I do expect tornadoes today. Storms may go HP, but if you are on them early they’ll produce before and as they do so there’s a window there for easily visible tornadoes I think/hope lol.

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