Just gassed up in Minneola and we are heading south a bit to wait on storms to fire. Visible satellite shows a stronger area of convergence to our west with existing cu field and we can see towers bubbling. We have good north/south options here to move whichever way we need to when storms come off the boundary just to our west, so I’m liking our spot.

The surface pattern is still a little tough to pin down, at least as far as exact locations of boundaries since they aren’t showing up on satellite extremely well yet. There is cu starting to form over the Texas panhandle along the dryline¬†with the approach of the jet streak and cu should continue to build north as the jet noses in. As SPC noted in their latest meso, there are two surface boundaries that were showing up. One was the outflow and then a confluent zone to it’s south. Surface winds were backing more along the southern boundary earlier and it was easily visible on OK mesonet, but it’s weakened a little bit so it’s tough to tell where exactly it is. The storm in N central Oklahoma appears to have locked in on the outflow boundary it was along and went tornado warned earlier. That can’t be a bad omen lol. The boundary it fired along is still visible on the Vance radar and it kind of looks like it mixes out and starts easing north if you loop it. Regardless of exact boundary locations, surface winds are backed ahead of the dryline bulge, which is spiking low level shear and composite indices in that area across SW Kansas and the OK panhandle. We are going to sit tight just to the east of where we expect storms to fire. Right now we are just north of Englewood, KS. Storms should fire to our SW and West here in the next hour or so as the upper level support moves in. I plan on seeing how storms come off the boundary and taking any discrete cell with undisturbed inflow. As storms track east the tornado threat should increase steadily through the evening as long as storms remain discrete. A tornado watch should be issued here shortly, so it’s pretty much game on for me. I’ll start posting on twitter from here on out. It’s @mikeygribble if you want to follow me. Below is the link for my streaming videohttp://www.kwch.com/weather/stormchaser/. Just click on my location on the map or on my name on the side menu. Good luck if you’re out today and stay safe.


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