Sorry for no post yesterday. I was in a deep depression from missing the tornado by Chapman. I punted that one into the stands. I honestly never really forecasted. I considered it kind of a down day from chasing nonstop and was going to keep it local. I looked at the HRRR and skipped over my forecasting process since I was staying by Wichita and overlooked the better tornado potential further north. Head up ass and I paid dearly for it. Now onto today.

Still a lot of uncertainty with the forecast. I was surprised SPC ramped the tornado threat as much as they did in the latest outlook. I’m still worried about current precip across the warm sector or convective evolution this afternoon mitigating the tornado threat. I need to hit the road so I’m not getting into detail now, but I’m heading to McPherson and cutting west back towards the Great Bend area. I’ll probably setup some place between there and fine tune the forecast.

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