1kmvStill  a lot of uncertainty around convective evolution for this afternoon. The HRRR has been extremely consistent in blowing up storms over the warm sector and have dryline storms being pretty clustered. Visible satellite makes me question that a little bit over the south central Kansas portion of the threat area. We are in Greensburg now. The triple point looks to be setting up just to our SE right now. It should continue pushing NW towards our location though. Cumulus is becoming more agitated into south central Kansas and I’d expect a mesoscale discussion soon. A PDS tornado watch is already out for western Oklahoma up to the KS border. Our watch will be coming, it’s just taking longer for storms to get going up here, which will actually increase the tornado threat. The longer storms hold off the more volatile the atmposphere will be when they finally do go. See my map for last night for the greatest tornado threat area along the warm front. The locations on that map should still be valid. I need to focus on getting ready to chase now so I may not update again before I get on a storm. I will post pics to twitter and facebook and follow KWCH to see my streaming video and coverage while on the storm. Good luck if you’re out and  take warnings very seriously if you’re in the threat area.

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