Sorry for no posts. I’ve took it easy and went out drinking yesterday and I am flying solo today so I haven’t had time to post on the road. I am sitting in Nowata, OK right now. That’s just east of Bartlesville. I am split between taking the OFB to my north, which is getting better towers along it as I type this or dropping south if the convection trying to get going along I44 gets going. I think the OFB is the smarter play with surface winds backing a little and 87 over 77 in far NE Oklahoma. For now I’m kind of keeping my options open. I think mother nature is going to force my hand here real quick though. I’m leaning towards chasing the OFB. Trying to see how the storms farther east along the same boundary start off along the KS/MO border. My number one priority today is not to get shit hammered by cantelope sized hail. Roads get sketchy out here and storms will move pretty quick, so it’s a recipe for an ass kicking. I’m not so worried about while I’m chasing as I am about getting out of here when storms fill in without catching a little damage. We’ll see. It’s going to be interesting lol. Good luck if you’re out and stay safe.

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