Forecast Update

Just a quick map I threw together at work this morning. Since I am working, I literally only glanced at the NAM so don’t put much stock in this. that’s especially the case because this goes against theĀ  SPC map from the first day 2 outlook (and day 3 outlook). Despite the SPC map, if I had to pick one small area where I think they may eek out a tornado or two tomorrow, that would be it. I’m still up in the air on chasing, but I’m leaning towards not chasing tomorrow. I just don’t think the moisture quality is going to be good enough for tornadic storms, plus shear profiles are somewhat weak until late in the day. If there is a tornado, I would expect it later in the day as conditions become more favorable. Probably around that 7pm window. I’ll take a closer look later tonight and update again. I am probably chasing Saturday. I still think that Saturday may have better tornado potential, again despite what SPC is saying (didn’t even mention tornadoes in their day 3 outlook).

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