Heading out chasing right now. Almost to Pratt as I type this. Heading for the area south of Greensberg right now. There is an area of convergence down there that keeps putting off towers. Sooner or later it will go. I just hope it holds a little longer until we’re there. The tornado chances are low end, but we may get one or two weak tornadoes this afternoon. I believe the best tornado potential is along an ouflow boundary from this morning’s storms. The boundary is tough to pin down exactly at the surface, but it should be damn close to lying right along the KS OK border. Dewpoints are higher by about 7 degrees south of the boundary and winds are due easterly right along it. That’s where I want to be. It’s easy to track in Oklahoma with the mesonet, but once it gets into Kansas our horrible surface station network makes tracking boundaries difficult to say the least. We got it pinned down good enough though. Storms should track off to the east and fill in through the afternoon as they do. Any tornadoes will be with more discrete or tail end convection. That or I could see an inflow notch or two along a bowing segment getting warned later, especially as storms approach the area west of 135. You can see where a pocket of better moisture has worked in west of Wichita where overnight storms haven’t compromised it. If a bowing segment reaches that later, I’d imagine it would get a little kick as it moves into better air. It’s about game on for me so no more posts on here. I’ll post pics on twitter if I’m on anything worth while. I also think I’m going to chase the northern plains Friday, so check back tomorrow because I’ll start getting into the tornado chances for up there.

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