Forecast Update

I’m not going to get into much tonight. I went out to dinner tonight with some other chasers from Wichita, which was a lot of fun. It’s always good to see those guys and shoot the shit. It seems like most of the time in the field you’re too busy so outside of these occasional social gatherings I don’t get to talk to some of those guys very often. I’m ready to ass out on the couch and watch basketball now, so although I did forecast a little bit tonight, I’m not going to get into any details.

I’m still watching Saturday for a local chase. It is definitely lower end, but with dew points in the mid 50’s we may be able to eek out a weak tornado. The low level shear is weak or I’d feel a little more confident. Still along the moisture bulge the NAM has been showing we may be able to get a tail end supercell Saturday afternoon and with it being pretty close to Wichita I think I’ll bite if the forecast stays on track. I need to get out and test equipment anyhow. I posted the map above showing the area I’m looking at for Saturday. Then there may be more potential Sunday farther south in SW/S central Oklahoma, but I’ll hold off on getting into that until tomorrow. Nothing impressive for sure, but a more active pattern may lie ahead so I’m looking for a warm up chase. Check back tomorrow for an update.

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