I’m heading out of town turkey hunting here shortly. I glanced at the models last night and I tell you the future is bleak boys lol. There wasn’t anything good with the gfs so I jumped over to the cfs and it only got worse lol. You can’t believe the models that far out, but there wasn’t a damn thing I was interested in all the way into mid May. That better not happen. I’ve never been big on climate change. Ice caps melting, whatever. Islands going under water, not my problem. But when we start losing our tornado season in the plains, then that’s where I draw the line. This shits gotta stop. If things don’t turn around you’re going to see me planting trees and doing green peace marches next year. Lol no I’m kidding about all that, but seriously if we go a third year in a row with virtually no tornado season in the plains I’m going to be furious. That is unprecedented in my lifetime based upon the research I didn’t do lol. Anyway, I’ll be camping out tonight, but I have my air card and iPad so I’ll get a brief extended forecast posted if I can. Otherwise it will be back to business as usual on the blog after I return Saturday afternoon. I hold the Chataqua county turkey record, so I see this as a business trip more so than pleasure. I got a title to defend lol

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