I moved north a bit and am setting up near the intersection of 83 and 23 just south of North Platte. I saw the Dow and whatever that research group is they’re doing this year on 83 going south about 15 minutes ago. Always make you think twice when you are going the other way lol. I’m a man of conviction though. I attached a quick screen grab from radar above. Storms should rapidly develop along the yellow arcing line I drew over the next hour. I’m looking for one coming off the area circled in red to hang with initially. I’ll probably try to drop south to catch a tail end or break in the line dryline storm tracking through the southern part of Nebraska later today as the low level jet ramps up. It’s going to be tricky, but I think it’s worth the gamble rather than committing to the southern storm from the get go. That or if we don’t get a storm in the next hour up here that looks like it’s got room to work I’ll shoot south in an hour and pick a storm up firing near goodland as it approaches the Nebraska border. Further updates through the chase today will be on my twitter page so follow me there if you’re interested. Btw the young storm in NE Colorado already has a little couplet. I always take that as a great sign when young storms get organized rotation fast.

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