No time to post much. I would love to be in the Texas panhandle today, but I have stuff going on at work that I am certainly not at liberty to talk about on my blog lol and I had to be in the office this morning. I have the car loaded and I’m ready to run out this afternoon, but I’m not optimistic. The warm front is still in Oklahoma, but it is lifting north now and we are finally getting some clearing north of the front. The HRRR has jumped around a lot on whether or not we’ll get any strong supercells in south central Kansas. If we do get one that can develop near the boundary and somehow not shoot north of it too quickly, then maybe we can get a tornado. I plan on working until 3pm and then I’ll meaner out near Wichita.

I haven’t looked ahead to the setups from Friday through Tuesday so I don’t have anything on that yet. I’ve been taking it one day at a time on forecasting at this point. I’m dragging ass after juggling work and chasing on 5 of the last 6 days. No break in sight though. Looks like I’ll be chasing pretty much every day from now through Tuesday. God willing I can shake this short term slump off and start delivering results. I’ll try to look at the forecast later tonight or tomorrow and get some details up regarding the upcoming potential.

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