052519 Update

On the road now for the next couple days to chase. Not sure on my target today. I think the area just south of I40 in the Texas panhandle will probably have the best tornadoes today. I’m real tempted to head down there. I’m a little worried if I do that we may see a few tornadoes in SW Kansas later in the day once 850’s back and strengthen and I’ll miss those in the kwch viewing area. Tough decision. Tomorrow is western Kansas looks like it could be a big tornado day so staying up north today also keeps me closer to tomorrow’s target. I’ll make the call on north or south here in an hour or two. Definitely think the best tornado threat is the southern half of SPC’s enhanced risk but I’m racking 8 hours round trip travel time on and bailing on kwch coverage if I go for it so again a tough decision needs to be made soon.

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