I’m Awake

I’m a little late this year, but figured it was time to dust off ye olde blog and start posting again. Already got in three chases this year. Opened strong with four tornadoes on April 22nd in Madill, Oklahoma. Unfortunately the first tornado that hit Madill killed two people. I streamed all four tornadoes on severe studios so it was a solid day for me. I had some serious equipment problems that I won’t bore you with. I replaced virtually all my equipment this season so it’s to be expected. I chased again on 4/28 in SE Kansas. I was on a tornado warned storm that day so I did a phoner for KWCH, mainly to show we had a presence in the field and were on the right storm because it wasn’t that serious. Then finally I chased 5/04 in NE Oklahoma. Nothing good that day. Just a severe storm with weak structure dropping big hail, which is pretty much my least favorite storm. Nothing fun about shit structure with no tornado yet having to sweat getting pounded. Now things seem to be picking up a bit in the coming weeks. It looks like Wednesday of next week will be a chase day in the central plains with possibly a couple more lower end or more localized events coming up later next week. Beyond that it looks like a stronger trough will move on shore and start to effect the plains the following week. Too far out for details at this point, but it’s what you’d expect this time of year. We are coming into the heart of tornado season over the next few weeks. I have May 23-31 off to chase full time. I may tweak that depending upon the upper air pattern, but either way I will be out a lot. I’m armed with 4 weeks of vacation this year so I’ll be chasing a lot more than past years. In other news I’ve agreed to chase with a station out of Kansas City so if we get any action up there then hopefully I can contribute to the coverage. I’ve gotten my equipment issues ironed out over the last week so I feel ready. I just need opportunity now and it looks to come Wednesday. I’ll dig into the forecast tomorrow and try and get a post up on it so check back if you’re interested. I’m also looking at moving my blog and website in the next couple weeks. Both are pieces of shit I setup a long time ago and have avoided messing with. I’m going to switch hosts and start both from scratch soon. I’ll transfer my domain name so the addresses should stay the same. I would have done it already, but during the pandemic I’ve been focused on learning new editing software. My video editing game has gone up dramatically, but I haven’t put it to use yet. That should change soon. I’m also streaming with severe studios this year so there is once again public access to watch my live stream when I’m in the field. The last few years I was streaming, but it was private for TV station use only. I’ve also started streaming with an interior camera for a picture in picture view while we wait for storms to get going. I think it makes it a lot more entertaining for the viewers. I put on volume occasionally too, but I have to shut that down when I’m in Kansas once I get on a storm. Once you get on a good storm my stream needs to be appropriate for TV which means no picture in picture or volume. Anyway, I’ll get links posted for that when I’m heading out next time. Check back tomorrow for a forecast update.

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