Extended Forecast

Not much time right now. I’m getting ready to shower and hit the road to Topeka, but I wanted to get something up quickly before I leave so this is a very abbreviated version of a forecast. A closed low over the east coast will kind of screw us on moisture return into the plains, however there could be some lower end localized opportunities for chasing in the western/high plains through this week. Wednesday may be a decent day with some good structure up in the SE Wyoming into western Nebraska area as meridional mid level flow overspreads the western plains. There appears to be decent directional shear despite the meridional flow, which is why I think that may be a worthwhile day with possibly a low end tornado threat and decent structure. Friday is the day I’m really focused on. The GFS has routinely been showing a weak shortwave moving into the central plains with decent moisture to work with. The shear CAPE combos it’s been showing are plenty good for supercells and with good low level shear that could be our next decent tornado day.

I’ll try to get up more tomorrow night so check back then.

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