Tornado Forecast for Texas Tomorrow

I’m not chasing tomorrow, however I have a friend that is new to chasing that is so I went ahead and took a look at the forecast. I only glanced at it. I’ll take a closer look in the morning though to firm up a target for him. Right now there seems to be two targets I’d watch. One between Temple and Austin and the other would be back farther west near or southeast of Brownwood. The east target in the Temple to Austin corridor seems more likely to have better moisture, but I think shear will be better back closer to Brownwood where surface winds are forecast to be due easterly. With mid level flow out of the WNW I’m not sure the easterly surface winds are necessary. I’m still waiting on the NAM to update so I can look at forecast hodographs and soundings to get a better feel for it. I would be watching theta e on SPC meso analysis page along with surface charts pretty closely. There should be a hint of a moisture wrap around coming into the weak surface low and that corridor is where the strongest storms should develop. I’ll get my virtual target posted in the morning. If you’re chasing good luck. I thought about it, but I’m not a fan of non-traditional setups that are long range. They seem to have high bust potential. Plus with limited staff at work and after taking off a couple days last week I kind of need to be at work. I’d rather bide my time and hope for some higher quality tornado setups in June up north. Still sitting on 10 vacation days to burn so I have plenty of ammo to work with. Still I want to use it wisely. I need to hold some back for hurricane season too just in case we get a stronger one making US landfall. Anyway I’ll try to get my target posted before noon tomorrow. Good luck if you’re chasing.

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