Just got the above picture from Rodney Price after he posted it on twitter. It was a grab from my stream tonight on a severe storm by Eureka. First time I’ve seen the new pictures they took this spring and gotta say I look like a bit of a goober. It’s better than the last one though which made me look like I was 16.

Well pretty worthless day. I got on a severe storm but nothing tornado warned. It did have half way decent structure though and it was nice to be out in the middle of nowhere chasing again so I can’t complain. I’m always sick of chasing by late spring, but it only takes me a month or two before I start to miss it again.

I guess it’s time to start looking ahead again to our next potential chase opportunity. I glanced at the GFS once or twice in the last couple days and there is nothing much after tomorrow’s severe wx, but I’ll take a look anyway tomorrow and get an extended forecast posted.

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