Not a good day for Mikey. I started having problems with my cradle point wifi system on my drive down to Oklahoma. I tested it two days ago and it worked fine, but today it wouldn’t recognize my ATT air card and would disconnect from my Verizon one every twenty minutes. I talked with tech support for a couple hours and they told me I had EMI interference and I needed to put the air cards on 6ft USB extension cords to fix it. Went to Walmart in Blackwell, OK and they didn’t have any. They had every other cable that you’d never need, but not a simple USB extension cable. I worked on the problem a while longer as I drove to Stillwater and finally gave up and headed back to Wichita to get it fixed. Picked up extension cords and that didn’t fix it. I absolutely hate that Cradlepoint. If you are a chaser I would strongly recommend not getting one. I ran it all last year and it is nothing but trouble. For those that don’t know it’s a router system that you can plug multiple internet connections into and it will jump you back and forth between them as one signal fails. So basically I plug an ATT air card and Verizon air card into mine and when I go out of one carriers coverage it will automatically jump me over to the other one. In theory and occasionally in practice they kick ass since you basically always have high speed internet when driving through gods country. In reality they are very unstable though. I was more than a little pissed off fighting that all day. To make matters worse there was a tornado right where my target was NW of Tulsa. It does make me feel slightly better knowing I had the forecast right, but I always get butt hurt when I miss a tornado so it still sucks. Unfortunately the tornado did kill at least one person. Always sad to see that, but it’s a harsh reminder tornado season is here and you need to be prepared.

Anyway, enough bitching. I’m going to take a look at the extended forecast tomorrow and we’ll start talking about when our next chase opportunity will be. It is starting to look like things might get interesting the first week of April so stay tuned.

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