Saturday forecast¬†Only spent about 10 minutes forecasting, so take it for what it’s worth, but I wanted to get something up on today’s setup. I thought about chasing, but it’s just not that good of a setup for the drive I’d be looking at. I have a lot of shit to get done this weekend too (like drinking tonight) and chasing today long distance would pretty much sack my weekend. I am still looking for a Dixie Alley chase, but it is going to take wedges and outbreak type material for me to haul my ass that far southeast lol.

If I was chasing today I think you want to follow the track of the surface low and play the area along and just east of that where low level winds back a bit more. Looks like road networks and the chase country across that area kind of sucks, so have fun with that if you’re out lol.

I’ll get an extended forecast posted later today.

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