Maybe some low end potential tomorrow in Kansas. Weak mid level winds and consequently weak deep layer shear will be a big limiting factor. With strong CAPE and a little bit of low level shear maybe we can eek out a tornado though. Not looking good, but it’s close to home so I may run out. The focus for convection could be an outflow boundary from overnight/morning storms or a surface trough. I’ll take a look in the morning and update then if it looks like it will be worth running out. I’m a little itchy to chase since there’s been ┬ácouple needle in the haystack tornadoes this weekend. Nothing impressive, but tornadoes none the less that I missed out on. Plus it looks like we are in for a bit of a slow stretch so I figure I better chase while I can. check back in the morning if you’re interested. I’ll try to hit on the lower end tornado threat for other parts of the plains too.

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