Just got home from an uneventful chase. Headed up to the Salina area and sat there for a bit. Jumped on the storm that went tornado warned to our southeast north of  McPherson. Really nothing impressive at all. It was outflow dominant after a short  burst of life that got it the tornado warning. About the most exciting part of the day was two girls hitchhiking right next to us when we were parked at a gas station waiting on storms. One of them was actually pretty hot so I was surprised they weren’t getting anybody to give them a ride. Then one of them walked over to our car to talk about the weather for a minute and I caught a wiff of the world class BO she was sporting. It was fucking rancid lol. I didn’t know girls were capable of that level of stank. That was an interesting experience and then we saw a big dead snake. Those were the highlights of the day. I passed on going to the pool for that shit lol. It’s really bad because I saw the new hot neighbor walk to the pool right as Jason and I were pulling out. Bad choice. Fuck it though. We’re in for a slow stretch aside from some minor disturbances coming through so I had to get out. I’ll take a look at the extended forecast and get something posted soon on that.

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