031316 Day 1 Forecast Map

I’m wishing I was out about now because I do think we’ll see some good tornadoes today, but that’s just horrible chase country until you get out of the SWArkansas forest. It does look like storms will clear that before dark though. If you don’t want to brave the forest, I’d setup somewhere between Pine Bluff and McGehee. Any storm tracking through there this afternoon that has undisturbed inflow will probably be in business given the exceptional low level shear that should be in place by around 6pm. I’d be surprised if SPC doesn’t introduce a hatched portion over that area to the tornado probabilities. With any luck you’ll get a good hour of daylight chasing east of that Pine Bluff to McGehee line where the forest transitions into workable chase country. BTW if I don’t chase I peg forecasts, so go where I say lol. Nah I think it’s a pretty easy forecast for today and if you’re waiting out of ahead of it (because you don’t dare go into the forest), it should be pretty easy to see how the line of supercells are evolving and put yourself on the right storm. Good luck if you’re out and stay safe.

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