vis satelliteThe dryline is starting to light up with agitated cu and I expect initiation within an hour or two. We are currently heading west on 54 to get into position. Based off how cumulus is evolving along the dryline it looks like there will likely be a more discrete storm developing near Greensburg and possibly another one farther south. This somewhat meshes with short term model guidance (last run of the HRRR I saw didn’t want to fire anything south of 54, but current observations kind of go against that). Both are highlighted on the map. At this time my best guess is these will be the two areas that will generate storms that may pose a tornado threat later in the day. I’m not sure which option I’m going with yet. I’m going to stay close to 54 and see how things come off the dryline before picking a storm to move in on. My stream is up now if you want to watch. here is the link. Just click on my name on the map and my stream will pull up http://www.kwch.com/weather/stormchaser/


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