Sorry for the silence. I am giving a talk at a school Tuesday morning and as is typical I put off getting my shit together until the last minute lol. I’ve been working on it since like 9am this morning with only a few breaks. I’m almost done though. I have about 30 minutes of work left on video editing before the last clip is done and then I’ll take a look at the updated model runs. Between getting ready for the school talk and getting packed I haven’t logged much forecasting time over the last two days. I still think I have a pretty good feel for the setup, but I’m a little uncertain on how it will play out for tornadoes. Anyway, I’m going to finish up my video editing and then I’ll get a post up. I just wanted to get a status update posted because I’ve been getting a fair number of hits and haven’t said much for a while. It was making me feel kind of bad lol. I can’t get into it much tonight though because I really need to get to sleep. I’m sure I’ll be on the road tomorrow night driving home until at least 1am and I’ll only have time for a few hours of sleep before I have to get up Tuesday morning to drive to NE Kansas for the school talk. I’m going to be dragging ass so I’m trying to get as much sleep as I can tonight. Give me an hour or so though and I’ll try to get a quick forecast post up.

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