Sorry for not getting a post up last night. I decided to go to a movie so I was out and never had the time to get it done. I’m sitting in Garden City right now. Just got here like 10 minutes ago and stopped to gas up and check data. I think there are two plays in western Kansas today, one being farther north over the area near and NW or SE of Goodland and then any more dominant storm with undisturbed inflow/tail end down closer to Garden City/DDC and far SW KS area this afternoon. I say that with little to no confidence lol. The HRRR has jumped around quite a bit with simulated reflectivity so I’m not quite sure how storms will come off. The Goodland area is off the north edge of a dryline bulge which is always one of my favorite targets on lower end threat days like today. That area where surface winds back a little more always seem to get it done early before convection fills in. I’d actually lean towards targeting up there, but I’m considering chasing Texas instead of Nebraska tomorrow and if I’m doing that I’d prefer to stay south today. I’m figuring it out as we speak though so nothing is set in stone quite yet. The disadvantage I see to the area farther north today is the narrower warm sector.

I’ll probably post pics on twitter this afternoon, but I’m not sure I’ll get another post up before after chasing today. I’ll get something up once I figure out my target for tomorrow though. Good luck if you’re out today.

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