South Central Kansas Today

I think the tornado threat is starting to look a little better across south central Kansas for later today, including the Wichita area. I was initially targeting closer to central Kansas, but am cheating back south due to trends with convection. Morning storms put down some more stable air over far south central Kansas, but very moist and unstable air is quickly moving back north into south central Kansas. Oklahoma mesonet shows dewpoints in the low 70’s advecting in ahead of developing storms in NW Oklahoma. As these storms track northeast into south central Kansas later today there could be a fairly good tornado threat if they remain discrete. The timing of better moisture advecting in and low level shear increasing late in the day seems timed about right to put a solid tornado threat over south central and central Kansas later today. Keep an eye on the weather if you live in that area. I am by Hutchinson watching  a storm to my north for a minute and then I will be dropping south and anticipation of helping cover south central Kansas this afternoon.

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