Heading west to chase in Colorado (and possibly into western Kansas) this afternoon. It’s a lower end tornado threat, but today and tomorrow look like they will probably be the last chance for tornadoes in the central plains this spring so I’m in. Flying solo today so I won’t post a whole lot, but I will try to get a brief forecast post up after I’ve looked at data. Right now my plan is to head towards the moisture tongue wrapping into Colorado. I like that area and then along I70 farther north as targets today. I think we could get a couple tornadic supercells and the tornado threat looks about the same regardless of which target you go with. It looks to be a fairly early show with storms firing between 1-3 across eastern Colorado. I’m still somewhat undecided on my exact target, but I’m thinking I’ll probably play the southern half of the threat area today and setup along the moisture tongue wrapping into Colorado. I’ll figure it out over the next few hours and update with a quick forecast post and target when I do. Good luck if you’re out today.

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